Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Reflective Bungee Cords

The Reflectionight team has been hard at work.  Retroreflective bungee cords were our most challenge; we have done it.  Perfecting the application solution so the reflective paint would adhere when the cord was stretched was tricky. 

To our customers satisfaction we proved once again that we can make any surface retroreflective.  The reflective bungee cords below are painted using Reflectionight's Premium Beads in combination with a liquid paint.  Now these Bungee cords are visible at night.  Enhancing the safety at campsites, in backyards, and on patios.   

Where do you use your bungee cords? 
How would reflective bungee cords
enhance your safety?
The Bungee cords on the left are Photographed from 10 feet away.  The Bungee cords on the right are photographed from 25 feet away.  Both photographs are taken in the dark of night. 


  1. This paint has a number of uses that would be highly effective on construction sites and any other area concerned with safety regulations. Bungee cords and ropes are the perfect examples of items that when not seen, could lead to serious injuries. This was not an application that I considered, yet I can see how It is totally practical and quite functional. I didn't know this type of paint existed. How do I find out more if I am interested in having some of my own products painted?

    1. Hello Dan,
      Please visit our website at www.reflectionight.com. Please email your contact information to info@reflectionight.com. We would be happy to assist you.