Friday, 6 April 2012

Reflective Paint

Reflectionight is a Canadian Company with revolutionary reflective technology.  Our patented reflective powder and liquid formulations provide the ultimate retroreflective effect.  Reflectionight manufactures and sells reflective paint technologies.  Our paints can be used in a factory setting or applied in the field with our mobile application unit.  We sell reflective paint or we have in house powder coating and liquid solutions.  Reflectionight, Reflective Paint Solutions

Reflectionight is excited to commence this blog and introduce ourselves to the world.  We want to share our sampling and reflective products with everyone.  We know how well our retroreflective paint and application solutions work, they are truly unbelievable.   Our goal with this blog is to show how our technology can benefit society and change the way the world sees at night.  Our blog will demonstrate and share our products, testing, revealing their unbelievable reflectivity, durability, and cost effectiveness.  We welcome comments, questions and suggestions. 

Reflectionight One-Step Powders and Reflectionight Premium Powders provide outstanding retroreflective results on products.  Our premium powders provide maximum illumination.  Below we have three fire extinguishers. The first (left), is painted with a standard grey powder coat, the middle fire extinguisher is painted with our Reflectionight One-Step Powder, black textured, very fine.  The right hand fire extinguisher is painted with our Reflectionight Premium Powder, dark grey texture.
The first photograph is taken from 2 feet away, the second is taken from 90 feet, and the third is taken from 200 feet away. These fire extinguishers look fantastic.  They could be painted in any color. In those critical moments, when the lights are out, emergency lighting, flash lights or even the glow from the flames would more then enough to see the fire extinguisher with ease!  We would love to hear your thoughts......more reflective products to come!






  1. Fantastic stuff, love it, this stuff has so many applications, I can see this for safety for bikes!!!!!!

    1. We have painted many bike frames, perfecting our look and durability. They are super reflective, durable, and look fantastic. We can also coat the tires and rims, making them retroreflective as well. We hope to blog with photos next week! We are currently in the process of making a video.
      Thanks for your interest....